I have issues on my lately.
I hear a strange noise when i move the pedals while riding, but not when i don't move the pedals. The noise isn't constant, maybe for 2km there's nothing, then for 1km i have it.
In today's i rode with the offroad tyres. I can exclude is the freewheel because i still have it.

Remaining checks are:
Bottom Bracket (my bet)
Rear Derallieur

I rode just 1500km mainly on tarmac. No muddy road and i did standard maintenance. That's strange.

@metalbiker I recommend checking the chainring bolts too (if your bike has those). If they are loose they can creak when you're pedaling. My favourite cause of creaks while pedaling is the seat clamp. If it doesn't creak when you're standing up it might be loose. Good luck!

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