Hey you, photographers!
I'm looking for a new camera, i usually take landscapes pics, and i love picking details even from long distance.
I'm excluding the reflex type, i'm more for the bridge.
I prepared some choices, what do you suggests?

[0] nikon.it/it_IT/product/digital
[1] nikon.it/it_IT/product/digital

I wouldn't call myself a photographer, I just like taking pictures of things I see. I've had a p900 for 3.5 years and I've been reasonably satisfied with it. It has loads more functions than I'm likely to use and using the automatic setting I don't have to think about the shutter speed or aperture I need.
Pictures are saved as JPG, there's no option to shoot RAW which is preferred by a lot of photographers.
All the pictures in my posts were taken with the p900.
Hope that helps.

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