Hi fediverse. Any suggestions for a tablet which is any/all of...

* Hacakable - able to run an open source OS (LineageOS?)
* Likely to be supported for another few years
* Fairly cheap (2nd hand is OK)
* Ethically sourced materials

Want something I can just read RSS feeds on, basically, without the guff.

Hi! I have a BQ Aquaris M10 HD, on which i run Ubports (ubuntu). I bought it for 140€, but i can't tell you if it's material sustainable like a fairphone...

Well, did a cross-check between the LineageOS supported device list, and what was in the nearby shops, and no overlap! Maybe I'll look on ebay in a few weeks instead.
Can't find any sustainable/ethical tablets otherwise though. I guess just re-use of old tech is the best approach here.
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