Anybody: "Oh no, and are down, how can i live now?"

Me, an intellectual who's just on the and use :

@metalbiker Were they down?
I missed an opportunity to be smug about it, because I had no idea…

@metalbiker It's really hard to convince my friends to use XMPP! nearly impossible and it's the only thing holding me back from dumping Whatsapp!

Agree, i managed to move just few friends over here, but i closed my whatsapp anyway, and i don't regret it! :thinkergunsunglasses:

@metalbiker Really I tried so hard but I couldn't move at least one so I can't quit WhatsApp :( you are lucky to have some friends like that.

Well i said: "if you want talk there are SMS, but if you still want to send me pics and video i'm using this app" *extract Pix-Art Messenger* "it works like WA and others, but it's free and cares about your security and privacy, i understand if you don't want to use it"


@metalbiker pix art messenger never heard about it, anyway now I use XMPP and matrix both, and I could convince three of my friends to use XMPP :D, I will try pix-art messenger too later. Thanks for the idea.

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