🇮🇹 Il Ponte Morandi non c'è più! (demolizione controllata della parte rimanente)
🇬🇧 Bridge Morandi is no more! (Controlled demolition of the remaining part)

@ondiz yes, but i don't know when it'll be finished.
It's a bridge on an important highway so i hope they'll be quick. It's almost an year it's collapsed, do you remember?
before: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gen
after: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pon

@metalbiker Yes, I used it as an example in class. At the end were they able to clarify why it collapsed?

This kind of bridges take forever to build, I hope this time proper care is taken...

AFAIK cables and iron structure were very rusted (due also the salty air of the sea). They were suppose to do extra maintenance because of this. They did lower and bad maintenance instead.

But we're in Italy so it's no-one fault... :eyeroll:

Probably they won't rebuild a cable-stayed bridge but a "normal" box-girder bridge. Some pics of the project: automoto.it/news/ponte-morandi

@metalbiker That's what I knew as well...

It's a beautiful bridge, maybe it's finished for 2100 😂

@ondiz if you want to laugh, our politicians said right after the collapse that the new bridge would have been up for christmas (i mean 25/12/2018) 😂
So probably it will be ready for 25/12/2028 😜

@metalbiker My lord, they wanted to build a bridge in months!

Politicians! 😂

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