Damn, i got a flat tyre on my 😠
No for me today then. I'll visit the cycle shop after work to fix this, and eventually if he's busy i'll commute with the offroad wheel tomorrow morning and retrieve it in the afternoon.
I probably got the puncture in the last descend/ascend wednesday which was full grass and some stones, maybe there was some thorns hidden inside?

I read that Schwalbe tyres have kind of extra protection against punctuation.

@tpheine oh i didn't know. Actually i'm using Vittoria Revolution, this tyres are graphene-made. Well, that's my 1st puncture with these tyres in more than 1000km so it's ok 😉

@tpheine @metalbiker the mudt tires I have is from Schwalbe the dry tires are from Specialized. If I get a puncture I just swap the tube :-)

@theru @tpheine cool! 😀
My "commute" tyres (ok for dry and asphalt) are those Vittoria Revolution, while my "offroad" are Maxxis Ikon

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