Welcome to my new home! I'm going to stay here, as long as Tom keeps this instance open.

Time for a then!

I'm a guy from northern , who love , things, & , trying to help as for some projects.

I do , to work, and i love walk in the , on or .

I play in my spare time.

That's pretty much all of me for this ! πŸ˜‰

@metalbiker I didn't know you play the trumpet! Fantastic 😍

@metalbiker OH! That's a lot of time!

I like trumpets because they make a lot of noise (and then neighbours hate you) and also because ska 😍

Do you play in a band?

@ondiz i play in 2 orchestra (classical and traditional music, not ska πŸ˜• )

@metalbiker Traditional music with trumpets, I think I'd like that 😍

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